Decomposed, Recomposed presents an intimate display of unique perspectives on form and cultural practice surrounding the post-mortem through the language of sculpture. Death in both a physical and metaphysical sense are examined by way of glass and metalworking. Diverse themes of the domestic; the wild and the aesthetic; the deeply spiritual suggest the multi-faceted manner in which the natural world is employed as a comparative device not only for humanity's most adverse and complex shared destiny, but also the manner in which a life is to be honored by those still living.



Canopic Colitis - H 40cm x W 28cm.jpg

Theo Brooks

Canopic Colitis

Hot sculpted and blown glass

40 x 28 cm


Trophy Skull 2018a.jpg

Brien Strancar

Trophy Skull

Sculpted and sandcast glass, gold leaf, walnut

16 x 14 x 11 in



earrings 3.jpg

Misha Nalepa

Bird Skull Earrings

Natural bone with electroformed copper

3 x 1.5 in