A Sense of Belonging    |

Thuong Hoai Tran

I often encounter questions about my identity as a Vietnamese immigrant living in the United States. Creating has become a method of self-discovery, learning, and healing. Most of my artwork features a level of distortion or fragmentation. Often, a portion of the original information gets lost through translation or manipulation of materials—which becomes an important component in illustrating my inner turmoil. My work focuses heavily on the process and labor of making. This becomes a method of connecting to my heritage, paying homage, and filling in gaps that have been created through various barriers such as language, displacement, generational disconnect, and cultural complexities. Ultimately, I am searching for myself and my sense of belonging in the world through the act of creating.

Itty bitty 300.jpg

Rewritten. Photolithography. 3"x4”. 2021.

Made in Vietnam (Disassembled). Video. 1 Minute. 2020.


Parents Wedding Weaving 300 unamed.jpg

Kỷ Niệm Ngày Cưới I. Jacquard Weaving. 28"x26”. 2021.


Who What Wear.jpg
Who What Wear (Detail).jpg

Who What Wear. Found objects and acrylic on canvas. 16"x16”. 2020.


Disassembled Shirts Detail (2_2).jpg

Made in Vietnam (Disassembled). Found Objects. 2020. 24 Hours 49 Minutes.

Between 2 Worlds_Scan 1.jpg

Between Two Worlds. Photolithography. 10"x10”. 2021.

transcription 1 ky neim ngay coui 1.jpg

Transcription 1: Kỷ Niệm Ngày Cưới I”. Photolitho and screenprint. 11"x13”. 2020.


Made In Vietnam (disassembled) Taupe.jpg

Made in Vietnam (Disassembled). Found Object. 3'x5’. 2020. 3 hours 34 minutes.

Made In Vietnam (Perserved) (1).jpg

Made in Vietnam (Preserved). Found objects in acrylic boxes. 6"x3”. 2020.

Uncle_Thuy_1_cool white.jpg

Uncle Thuy. Photolithography. 2021.

Disassembled Shirts Detail (1_2).jpg

Made in Vietnam (Disassembled). Found Objects. 2020. 24 Hours 49 Minutes.


Grandfather’s Album. Photolithography. 10"x10”. 2021.

Grandfather Laundromat Jacquard 300.jpg

Grandfather at the Laundromat. Jacquard Weaving. 28"x16.5”. 2021.